KT266A boards Linux benched


Author: JT Smith

Augustus writes, “Back in August we took our first look at all but one of the DDR chipsets for the AMD Athlon processor and found a pretty interesting battle over the speed crown between AMD’s 761 chipset and VIA’s KT266 chipset. A lot has happened since then with the release of VIA’s KT266A chipset and motherboards finally being shipped with the new NVIDIA nForce chip. With these new chipsets a new level of performance has been reached for Athlon DDR-based systems. The question now is how much of a gain in performance can you actually expect? Also, which motherboard should you choose? We look at these questions with the latest boards in the lab, the EPoX 8KHA+ and the SOYO SY-K7V DRAGON Plus!.” LinuxHardware.org Linux Benchmark. Complete Story.”


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