Kubernetes 1.12 Improves Cloud-Native Security With TLS Bootstrap


The third major release of the open-source Kubernetes container orchestration system in 2018 is now out, providing users with a stable release of a key security feature that has been in development for two years, while previewing a new sandboxing isolation capability.

On Sept. 27, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation announced the general availability of Kubernetes 1.12. Among the highlights of the update is the stable release of TLS Bootstrapping, a security capability that developers have been working on for the past two years, since the release of Kubernetes 1.4 in 2016. For context, Kubernetes has only existed for four years.

“Security is a very nuanced complicated space,” Tim Pepper, senior staff engineer at VMware and release lead for Kubernetes 1.12, told eWEEK. “Things like the TLS Bootstrap where you’re having to set up certificates and certificate authorities, signing requests and all of that, that’s really tricky to get, right. So, it makes sense that it took some time.”

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