Kubernetes 1.14 Enhances Cloud-Native Platform With Windows Nodes


The first major update of the open-source Kubernetes cloud-native platform in 2019 was released on March 25, with the general availability of Kubernetes 1.14.

Kubernetes is a broadly deployed container orchestration system project that is hosted by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and benefits from a diverse set of contributors and vendors that support and develop the project. With Kubernetes 1.14, the project is adding 10 new enhancements as stable features that provide new capabilities for users. Among the biggest enhancements is production-level support for Windows nodes.

“I’m proud of just that fact that in Kubernetes 1.14 there are more stable enhancements than any other previous Kubernetes release,” Aaron Crickenberger, Google test engineer and Kubernetes 1.14 release lead, told eWEEK. “The continued focus on stability speaks to this community’s commitment.”

One of the biggest changes overall in Kubernetes 1.14 wasn’t any one specific feature, but rather a new process for defining how and when enhancements are accepted and move through the Kubernetes development cycle. The Kubernetes Enhancement Proposal (KEP) approach was first implemented for Kubernetes 1.14 and helped Crickenberger and the broader community manage the enhancements process.

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