Kubernetes for Dev Infrastructure


Kubernetes is one of the hottest open-source projects these days. It’s a production-grade container orchestration system, inspired by Google’s own Borg and released into the wild in 2014. Thousands of developers joined the project since then, and now it’s becoming an industry standard for running containerized applications. Kubernetes is designed to run production workloads on a scale, but it’s capable of much more. In this article, I’ll talk about my experience setting up a Kubernetes cluster as a core component of a development infrastructure while working at ThoughtSpot.

I was initially assigned to solve an easy-sounding problem: make integration tests faster. There were a few hundreds of Selenium-based workflows, which were running sequentially and taking up to 10 hours to complete. The obvious solution was to parallelize them. The problem was that they were not designed to run concurrently…

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