Kubernetes in Production vs. Kubernetes in Development: 4 Myths


We recently cleared up some of the common misunderstandings people have about Kubernetes as they start experimenting with it. One of the biggest misunderstandings, though, deserves its own story: Running Kubernetes in production is pretty much the same as running Kubernetes in a dev or test environment.

Hint: It’s not.

“When it comes to Kubernetes, and containers and microservices in general, there’s a big gap between what it takes to run in the ‘lab’ and what it takes to run in full production,” says Ranga Rajagopalan, cofounder and CTO of Avi Networks. “It’s the difference between simply running, and running securely and reliably.”

There’s an important starting point in Rajagopalan’s comment: This isn’t just a Kubernetes issue, per se, but rather more widely applicable to containers and microservices. It is relatively “easy” to deploy a container; operating and scaling containers (and containerized microservices) in production is what introduces complexity.

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