Kubernetes: Tools for Operability


In this presentation, Bridget Kromhout discusses what containers and Kubernetes clusters are at a high level, looks into the practical application of open source tools to simplify cluster management, and shows how to deploy Kubernetes clusters in a repeatable and portable fashion.

“You’re probably here because you want to Kuber some netes. And I might dissuade you or I might give you some ideas about tools that will help you do that. The traditional second slide, you have to have the second slide to establish bonafides, bona fides, not sure how to say that, so you can check that off as she does not know how to say bona fides. But I’m Bridget, I live in Minneapolis. I work for Microsoft on the cloud advocacy team. I co-host the Arrested DevOps podcast with Matty Stratton, which is wonderful, because he is here and I sent him to live tweet Bryan Cantrill’s talk, because, uhh, tragically, a talk that I really would like to go to is at the same time as mine. So if any of you decide this Kubernetes is not for you and you want to hear about Rust, Bryan Cantrill is very funny.” …

“Starting with the what even are containers, how did we even get to this place? Quick show of hands, how many people are using containers in some regard right now? I’m going to say 80% of the room. Awesome. Keep your hand up if you’re using them in production. Close, maybe 65% to 70%. And how many of you are using Kubernetes in any regards right now? Maybe, it’s 40%. And in production? Yes, maybe 25%. And I think this is very natural hype cycle stuff. The future is here, like William Gibson tells us, it’s just not evenly distributed.”

See the transcript and video at InfoQ