March 17, 2001

KuroDot posts Scientology documents in effort to move hit counter

Author: JT Smith

From the humor site, Segfault: "ust on the heels of the recent Slashdot/Scientology debacle, KuroDot.Org admin RustyTaco has unveiled
a similar concept as a new marketing strategy for his site.

'I like to call it Litigation Marketing,' noted RustyTaco. 'Essentially, I've scoured the web for numerous
documents, pictures, text, code and slanderous notions regarding Scientology, and posted them on
KuroDot. Since all of these items are copyrighted by the Church of Scientology, they should come down
on me like a one-ton gorilla on PCP. I even managed to get that Scientologist-written Scandisk for
Windows 2000. I intend for this plan to drive numerous news-addled, easily-distracted Slashdotters and
K5ers to my site.' "


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