L-I-N-D-O-W-S for sale on eBay


Author: Joe Barr

Have you ever wished you had started and owned Lindows instead of Michael Robertson? After all, the upstart Linux distribution first gained huge notoriety by pulling on the whiskers of the Microsoft monopoly, then by losing a few rounds in court as Gates and company went global court-shopping, but finally banking hundreds of millions of dollars to settle the suit Microsoft had filed against it here in the U.S. Well, whip out your credit card, because you can pick up L-I-N-D-O-W-S right now on eBay for a starting bid of just a couple hundred dollars. The original Lindows signage, that is.

Checking an anonymous tip received over the weekend, NewsForge found this auction currently active on eBay. The seller lists a number of interesting facts about the seven-letter set, including the fact that they can be moved around Scrabble-fashion to form more than 100 words. Three of the seven letters can be turned upside down and used as other letters, which doubles the number of possible words which can be formed.

Buyers are also warned that “Improper placement of W may result in lawsuits. Use at your own risk!”

The letters are approximately 1.5 feet tall and the cost of shipping worldwide is included in the winning bid. But hurry, you only have until September 28 before the auction ends!