October 18, 2001

Laid-off VA professional services team led to "safety"

Author: JT Smith

"Marty Larsen, the recently laid-off director of the Professional Services division at former Linux vendor VA Linux Systems (corporate parent of NewsForge), has found jobs for most of that division at Red Hat. The transition, not an acquisition, will also bring VA Professional Services clients to Red Hat. "We're not losing any current customers", Larsen said.

Tim Lucas, Executive Director of Red Hat Professional Consulting, said many of the former VA Services clients have already signed on with Red Hat, and the company is well-positioned to land the rest. "The consulting business is about relationships, and this is very beneficial", he said.

A total of 22 former VA employees started work at Red Hat on Monday, Larsen said, and are attending an orientation meeting at Red Hat headquarters in North Carolina.

Larsen will be Red Hat's Practice Director for the West Coast region. "We intend to keep the team mostly together", Lucas said."


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