December 1, 2005

LamaBox P2P Appliance Leverages Dutch Rulings

Anonymous Reader writes "In the Netherlands the courts have ruled that it is legal to download copyright music and movie files from the Internet, it is just not legal to upload. Dutch company IT's Logic is leveraging that ruling to market a new home appliance called the LamaBox that downloads (but does not upload) files from the major P2P networks. The base LamaBox sells for 279 euro or $325 US, includes a 40GB hard drive and taps into the eDonkey, Bittorrent, FastTrack and Gnutella technologies. There are several LamaBox models including a 400GB unit with a DVD burner. If you are thinking about one for the holidays right now there is a five-week backorder. Also, while the Canadian courts have made rulings similar to the Dutch, US courts have not, so while IT Logic will gladly sell to Americans (who can legally access non-copyright material on the P2P networks) an RIAA/MPAA lawsuit may still loom if you download what they decide are the wrong files."


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