August 28, 2001

Lancelot 2800 Press Release

Author: JT Smith

ASL Announces the Lancelot 2800: the New Paradigm in Cluster
Solutions ... August 23, 2001 Newark, CA. ASL, yet again, advances
Linux performance by leaps and bounds by announcing the availability
of the Lancelot 2800the worlds first dual 2 GHz Intel Xeon processor
server in a 2U rackmount form factor. The Lancelot 2800 is designed
to deliver maximum memory performance and processing power that are
critical for handling large-scale applications. It is the ideal
choice for building or upgrading cluster solutions.

In addition to speed, the Lancelot 2800 delivers a breakthrough 3.2
GB/s memory bandwidthan astounding 34% increase over other currently
available systems on the market. This feat is accomplished through
the use of dual RDRAM memory channels supported by the Intel 860
chipset, which lets the Lancelot 2800 open new doors where previous
systems have bottlenecked.

Built on the Intel Netburst architecture, the Intel Xeon processor
includes features such as a quad-pumped bus and an Advanced Dynamic
Execution engine. By quad-pumping data transfers over a 100 MHz
system clock, the Xeon is able to deliver an astounding 400 MHz
front-side bus. This delivers a perfect balance between the system
bus bandwidth and memory bandwidth as both run synchronously at rate
of 400 MHz. In addition, the Intelà Xeonà processor also enhances
processing performance through its Advance Dynamic Execution engine
that predicts required data before it is needed and then fetching it
directly into the L2 cache from the main system memory.

Aside from standalone system performance, ASL also understands the
importance of maximizing system-to-system communication speeds in a
cluster. Thus, the Lancelot 2800 also supports high-speed
interconnect controllers from Myrinet and Dolphin through its 64-bit
expansion bus.

The Lancelot 2800 will be demonstrated at the Mandrakesoft booth at
the Linux World Expo, August 28 August 30, 2001.

About ASL

ASL Inc. is the leading provider of high performance Linux systems.
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