January 30, 2001

Laser5 to sell "PacketBlackHole" appliance server

Author: JT Smith

AsiaBizTech has a short item on Laser5 Co., Ltd., selling its "PacketBlackHole" appliance server to
monitor illegal accesses to networks starting Feb. 5. It's the second item on the page, right after something about Chinese people becoming more favorable about something called Microsoft. More on the Laser5 announcement: "This product is capable of storing all the IP packets going back and forth on the
network and logging traces of illegal accesses. It can also be used to deter a
company's internal users' information leakage or Internet use for private
purposes. It will be installed in between the router, which is a connecting point of
the Internet and the firm's internal network, and the firewall. When there is a need
to record IP packets on the internal network, the device is put inside the firewall.
One PacketBlackHole per server configuration is also possible."


  • Linux
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