February 26, 2001

The last man standing gets the Linux crown

Author: JT Smith

"Well, Paul Thomas, the retreating CEO of Turbolinux, finally rang up.

According to his story, he's not leaving the company just yet, but he's talked to the Turbolinux board and told them he felt that there must
be someone out there 'better suited than me' to run the joint. Someone who combines Thomas' operations strengths with a deeper
knowledge of - and, dare we say, sympathy for - Linux and open source than Thomas has. If the board happens to stumble across this
paradigm, well, then, Thomas is prepared to peel off his presidential and CEO epaulets and stick around as chairman. The board
disagreed, he said, that he was not its beau ideal, but agreed to take a look." Read more at LinuxGram.


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