October 27, 2006

Latest details on KDE 4 and Plasma

Bryan Lund writes "The Linux Action Show gets the latest details on KDE 4 and Plasma.

Seattle, Washington (October 26th, 2006) -- The Linux Action Show interviews KDE developer Aaron Seigo and asks him the question on every ones mind, "just what is Plasma?". Then they get the low down on some of the slick new features coming for KDE 4.

This interview, too big to be contained in a single episode, started on episode 18 of the Linux Action Show, and has its climactic conclusion in episode 19.

Some other things you missed, if you haven't been listening to the Linux Action Show lately: Backup solutions for Linux users in the home and in the enterprise, a review of FreeBSD from a Linux users perspective and our run down of the latest Open Source headlines.

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