Latest Enterprise Linux OS from Red Hat Shines in Server Room Roles


Red Hat Enterprise Linux has long been a trusty go-to operating system option for most server roles, if not in its official Red Hat branded form, then in one of its respun incarnations, such as the fee-free CentOS or the Oracle rebrand Unbreakable Linux. Based on my tests of RHEL 6, I expect this new release to continue in that tradition& the new release performed as solidly as ever, and benefits from a support term that’s been lengthened from seven to 10 years. While aimed primarily at server roles, RHEL 6 can also perform well as a desktop operating system, as it ships with recent versions of all of the usual suspects of the Linux desktop, anchored by Version 3.2 of the productivity suite and Version 3.6 of Mozilla’s Firefox Web browser. For a look at RHEL 6 in action, check out the slide gallery below, and be sure to read eWEEK Labs’ full review here. – …

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