September 6, 2001

Latest Linux UDI reference implementation available

Author: JT Smith

Software Technologies Group today announced the release of the latest x86 Linux UDI (Uniform Driver Interface) reference implementation at Providing both a source and binary release, this update is the quickest way to install, configure, and begin using UDI technology to develop portable, high performance device drivers. Based on the Version 1.0.1 UDI specification with performance and stability updates, the updated Linux UDI environment reflects the culmination of approximately three years of development and testing to validate the specification on a variety of operating systems using a variety of device drivers. The latest UDI specification as well as full details on Project UDI are available from

"This is an important software release for the UDI community. It represents the continued updating and improvement of already released UDI environments, and will help to ensure the success of UDI on Linux," said Kurt Gollhardt, chair of Project UDI. "Driver developers can use the updated environments not only to develop new portable drivers but also to improve the performance of their existing UDI drivers without making any changes to their code."

According to Chris Herzog, president of Software Technologies Group, the developers of the UDI Linux implementation, "This latest Linux update reflects the most current specification and includes significant performance and stability enhancements. It provides OS vendors, IHVs, and driver developers a portable, functional base to develop on and start to reap the benefits of UDI. By using this latest environment update, companies that have developed UDI drivers will realize significant performance and stability improvement without changes to the drivers themselves."

Available under a BSD-style open source license, the UDI reference implementation is also available for all interested parties to download, examine, use, or modify for their purposes directly from SourceForge at Project UDI is also interested in promoting the participation of OS vendors, independent hardware vendors (IHVs), driver developers, or other parties interested in the development or porting of UDI to new platforms or adding additional driver support. Information on joining the Project UDI open source effort can be found at or at the Project UDI web site at Current efforts are underway in the areas of network protocol support, USB, Infiniband, and others. Participation by all interested parties is welcome.

By developing to a single device driver interface, companies can realize significant savings in device driver development and testing costs. It also helps speed time-to-market of new devices, and allows manufacturers to allocate development resources on improving device performance, features, functionality, and quality rather than spending inordinate amounts of time porting drivers between operating systems and hardware platforms.

Project UDI is a multi-company open development group dedicated to developing standardized device driver interfaces for the computer I/O technologies of today and tomorrow. More information on Project UDI may be found at:

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