December 11, 2002

Latest MandrakeSoft Financials: Revenue: +31%

Gael Duval writes "MandrakeSoft has released a financial summary for fiscal year 2001/2002."

During this fiscal year, MandrakeSoft generated consolidated revenues of 4.7 ME -- an increase of 31% from the previous year. This performance gain was made possible due to the success of several offerings which enjoyed strong growth: Online sales at MandrakeStore, OEM revenue, and revenue from Mandrake Linux Users Club accounted for 42% of consolidated revenue, compared to 11% in fiscal year 2001/02.

The growth of new revenue lines that provide high margins in addition to improved margin in the retail activity provided a 169% increase of gross margin which amounts to 59% of total revenues compared to 29% for the previous fiscal year. Simultaneously, MandrakeSoft continued to pursue an aggresive cost-reduction strategy which resulted in operating expenses being lowered by 42%.

The complete announcement, including timeline charts and a short analysis, is
available online at: letter/sn021206

This good news should enable MandrakeSoft to close the Increase of Capital
sooner than expected (which is currently still open to subscribers):"

Link: MandrakeSoft

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