May 12, 2004

LatinSecurity announce AwakE v3 launching

Mariana writes "Córdoba, May 2004 - LatinSecurity announce the immediate availability of AwakE v3 leading IP monitoring application

AwakE v3 is a pro-active, state-of-the-art "hardware & services IP monitoring application" that remotely scans 24x7 any network while registering any hardware and monitorated services' status change.

In version 3, AwakE incorporates a proprietary Report Builder that allow user-customized report generation based on historical alerts and status change information. Reports are created in several formats, including an export feature to process reports in different applications.
This version also includes the ICMP Monitoring feature that allows user to ping a server and alert if an answer is not received.

AwakE v3 has significantly improved IP connection system incrementing system's performance per equipment and also improving general connection speed. Full compatibility with other UNIX systems as Linux, FreeBSD and NetBSD is also provided (The following distributions are still under testing at our Lab: Solaris, HP-UX, etc.).

Marcelo Soffredi, LatinSecurity's CEO told us: "AwakE v3 is a high quality product, an intelligent IP monitoring tool that ensures tangible benefits at an affordable price. We are all very pride of this development and we feel motivated to keep on creating new applications dedicated to add value to our customer's businesses."

AwakE v3, is a unique monitoring application that sends instant notification about any founded abnormality, unauthorized web's content changing (defacement), or failures via customized alarms to cell phones, pagers, emails, etc.

AwakE v3 is a solid cost-effective solution dedicated from small and medium sized businesses to large organizations that are willing to improve their response times to network and services events.

AwakE v3 will increase network administrator's productivity by dramatically lowering the daily monitoring tasks. If any event takes place AwakE v3 minimizes response times by sending several alarms to different contacts. Powerful monitoring alerts provide greater security and faster problem resolution.

AwakE v3 runs under Unix compatible OS, supports SNMP v1 and v2 and can be accessed via web through any OS and browser.

> For a free AwakE v3 on-line demo:

> To buy AwakE v3:

> If you are interested in becoming an AWAKE v3 exclusive distributor in a specific region or country please contact our sales department at:

About LatinSecurity:
LatinSecurity, is the IS division of LatinExperts, a privately held company headquartered at Córdoba, Argentina.

LatinSecurity delivers state-of-the-art products, professionally designed to protect our client's digital assets from any possible threat. LatinSecurity provides a pro-active security service, based on continuous protection of the systems. Our mission is to keep our clients safe from any internal and external threats ensuring them throughout our products and services.

LatinSecurity's products and services include: Security Audits, Security Policies: Creation & implementation (internal/external), IS Solutions: Implementation, IS Solutions: Tracking, Penetration Testing, HW & Services IP monitoring (AwakE system), IT Projects Consultancy, IS/IT Investigations (computer forensics).

Security breaches involve huge lost of money together with the compromise of confidential information, in a matter of minutes digital assets might turn into a serious loss. To be prepared means to be protected.

LatinSecurity provides intelligent solutions that safeguard our clients businesses."


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