May 8, 2006

Launching of LINMO project

Anonymous Reader writes "LINMO is a simple model that describes the organization of information for content-rich web sites that maximize usefulness and convenience for the largest possible audience, including people with varying levels of knowledge about the topic. It is based on the concept of optimal modularization and combining the best attributes of hard copy books and the numerous advantages of the web.

The model is accompanied by a set of simple and largely intuitive guidelines that can facilitate the development of compatible web sites. Such sites can help move the Internet closer to its true potential as a high quality information and educational resource.

This project has been launched in response to (1) the success of The Linux Information Project (LINFO), the first large-scale web site that (almost) conforms to the model, and (2) the growing proliferation of "junk content" on the web."



  • Web Development
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