November 24, 2003

Lawsuit Drops 'Nuclear Bomb' on Software Industry

Though much of the publicity for SCO is negative, at least SCO is now a buzz word associated with a major industry player with what the Wall Street
Journal refers to as a "software-industry equivalent of a nuclear bomb."

Millions of users and hundreds of companies depend on the flexibility, scalability, reliability, and considerable cost-savings of the Linux operating system, as compared to proprietary (exclusively owned)
operating systems like Microsoft's Windows and The SCO group's (formerly known as Santa Cruz Operation) Unix.

SCO is hoping many of those users and companies will pay copyright protection money in case SCO wins a lawsuit against computer giant IBM.
This unlikely, domino-like, worst-case scenario would have relatively small SCO commanding a fee from millions of Linux users, while at the same time
further constraining public domain software. This scenario doesn't even include the $1 billion plus for which SCO is suing IBM.



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