April 11, 2001

The lawyers come after Linux companies

Author: JT Smith

LinuxPlanet has a commentary on recent lawsuits filed against Red Hat and VA Linux because of the companies' IPOs. "Last week a pack of lawyers (a term to which they gained rights as part of the tobacco settlement) set upon Red Hat,
Inc., as earlier they had infested and continue to infest VA Linux. They will soon be seeking other publicly traded Linux
companies. What to think?

Let me state up front that I carry no water for Red Hat, which I think has done some pretty silly things, or for VA Linux,
with whom I've had few contacts, or for any other Linux company, most of whom have yet to provide any rational
explanation of how they plan to make money on free software. Let me further note that the wider variety of plaintiff's
lawyers would look mighty good to me covered with honey and staked over an ant hill."


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