July 22, 2004

LDP Weekly News - July 21, 2004

Issue Number : 28 & 29
Publication Date : 2004-07-21

Table of Contents
1. Documents submitted for review
2. Updated HOWTOs, FAQs and Guides
3. News in The LDP world
4. Discussions on The LDP lists
5. HOWTO contribute to The LDP

1. Documents submitted for review

* David Horton's
LPI Certification Self-Study Guide was
accepted for review. This work is intended as a quick and most of all
inexpensive method for experienced Linux users to prepare for the Linux
professional Institute certification exams. This is no introductory
guide, i.e. not for beginners. Rather, it is a collection of practice
questions related to the exam objectives over at
the LPI web site.

* Tor Slettnes submitted his Spam
Filtering for Mail Exchangers HOWTO
. Originally designed for a specific
setup with Exim, he managed to filter out the information that is useful
in any mail environment, and published it in this document.

2. Updated HOWTOs, FAQs and Guides

* The new release of the Linux/MIPS
by Ralf Bächle has updated info on related mailinglists and FTP
sites, updated links and info about the Linux-VR project and other MIPS-based systems.

* Minor changes in the TrueType
Fonts with XFree86 4.x mini-HOWTO v1.5
by Bartek Kostrzewa.

* Howard Shane added info for the 2.6 kernels in v1.1 of his
Scanner HOWTO, as well as information
about the libusb package.

* Avi Alkalay encourages people to translate his
Time Precision HOWTO v1.0.7 has minor corrections
and rephrasings.

* Machtelt Garrels updated the
Bash Guide for Beginners to have consistent
markup; v1.3 is more user-friendly for the blind and a tracer image was
added to track usage on the TLDP mirror sites. A tracer was also added to
v1.15 of the Introduction to
Linux - A hands on Guide
, and textobjects were added to all images. Wrong
links in the glossary section were corrected and a couple of other items
were clarified.

* Mendel Cooper sent in a new version of his Advanced Bash Scripting Guide, featuring updates, corrections
and new examples.

* Manoj Warrier, main author of the Scientific Computing with GNU/
provided us with an update containing additional links and
more evaluations of distributions.

* Emma Jane is proud to announce the French translation of the ACPI HOWTO. She is now
also officially the author of the LDP Author Guide, in which she recently updated the info
on how to use our CVS.

* We received v1.2 of the Debian
Jigdo mini-HOWTO
, by Peter Jay Salzman, which contains minor corrections.

3. News in The LDP world

* Mirrors: new mirror sites and changes in existing sites

Mary L. Kuss announced that the UK Mirror Service will be transformed
into the JISC Mirror Service during summer holidays. Eduserv, the new
responsibles, have a brief
synopsis of the changes here

David Gonzalez changed the URL of his Columbian mirror from
www.skynetbbs.org/LDP/ to www.tuxcafe.com/LDP/.

New mirror sites:

+ Stefan Strandberg, in Madison, Wisconsin, USA.

+ Abdussalam Sukarta, in Jakarta, Indonesia.

+ (IPv4 and v6) by Bernard Grymonpon, in Belgium.

+ Richard
Mitchell, in Wellington, New Zealand.

Mirror-maintainers: please note that you can replace the "LDP Site
Sponsor" logo on the first page with your own.

* Check our progress

Ever since the latest round of innovations at TLDP, things are moving.
We'd like to put the In
Progress Page
in the spotlight this week. Here you can find a list of the
documents that are proposed and currently being worked on, as well as a
list of those that have already been accepted for review and that are
undergoing a language or technical review.

We are always looking for reviewers, and even if you are not the
technical type of person, you can help in various ways. Interested in
contributing? Mail Emma Jane or
mad Canadians supporting the European resistance
to software patents. This is Emma Jane, possibly jealous that she didn't
go to Brussels to get herself such a nice yellow T-shirt ;-)

4. Discussions on The LDP lists

* The LDP and trudac.org

A very interesting discussion about the
various issues involved in co-operation between the active
French HOWTO translation effort and The LDP. The
discussion also petered out into another
thread about licensing

* Wiki for The LDP

Machtelt Garrels initiated a discussion for changing The LDP
volunteer list. A discussion about maintaining the list ensued, and
people went on to discuss the issues in using a Wiki for some parts of
The LDP website.

* Feedback on proposals

Saqib Ali suggested the use of a blog for collecting feedback
on proposed documents. He set up a blog
for the same and listed several XML
. Emma Jane Hogbin indicated that the process outlined in the
LDP Author Guide was sufficient for proposals and was in favor of
'canning' the blog.

5. HOWTO contribute to The LDP

The Linux Documentation Project (TLDP) is working on developing free, high
quality documentation for the GNU/Linux operating system. If you want to help
TLDP, consider joining <discuss-subscribe@en.tldp.org>.

Help us create this newsletter. We need volunteers who follow the community
(mailing lists, newsgroups, web channels) and report events related to free
software documentation. Write to us at <feedback@en.tldp.org>.

The LDP Weekly News is compiled and edited by Machtelt Garrels and Y Giridhar
Appaji Nag with help from several other people.

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