July 8, 2004

The LDP Weekly News - July 7, 2004

Author: Machtelt Garrels and Y Giridhar Appaji Nag

Issue Number : 27
Publication Date : 2004-07-07

Table of Contents
1. Documents submitted for review
2. New document proposals
3. HOWTO contribute to The LDP

1. Documents submitted for review

* Daniel Goldsmith proposed a LILO Multi Distro mini HOWTO that
discusses issues relating to LILO, multiple distributions and the
1024-cylinder problem. Sebastien FRANCOIS recommended merging
documentations when they're related to a same subject and that another
section be created in an existing HOWTO for what has to be added.

* Tor Slettnes sent his Spam
Filtering for Mail Exchangers HOWTO
for review. The document discusses
how to reject junk mail in incoming SMTP transactions.

2. New document proposals

* Martijn Hinderdael devised a disk-less MP3 player (debian based) which is
controlled through 15 buttons on the serial port. The circuitry is
completely without chips but has some buttons and diodes. The software
for operating the buttons is a very small C-program and a bash script
that assigns the functions to each button. Martijn would like to hear
your opinion about a Linux MP3 player with 15 buttons on serial port

* David Horton recently had a difficult time finding any up-to-date self
study books for the Linux Professional Institute 101 & 102 certification
exams. It seems that everything was printed about 2000 or 2001 and the
LPI exams were updated in 2003. He put together a skeleton of a
self-study guide which is available in HTML and DocBook XML here. Guru - also
pointed us to LPI certification 101 (release 2) exam prep, Part 1: Linux fundamentals On IBM Developerworks Linux Section.

3. HOWTO contribute to The LDP

The Linux Documentation Project (TLDP) is working on developing free, high
quality documentation for the GNU/Linux operating system. If you want to help
TLDP, consider joining <discuss-subscribe@en.tldp.org>.

Help us create this newsletter. We need volunteers who follow the community
(mailing lists, newsgroups, web channels) and report events related to free
software documentation. Write to us at <feedback@en.tldp.org>.

The LDP Weekly News is compiled and edited by Machtelt Garrels and Y Giridhar
Appaji Nag with help from several other people.

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