June 24, 2004

The LDP Weekly News - June 23, 2004

Author: Machtelt Garrels and Y Giridhar Appaji Nag

Issue Number : 25
Publication Date : 2004-06-23

Table of Contents

1. Updated HOWTOs, FAQs and Guides
2. News in The LDP world
3. HOWTO contribute to The LDP

1. Updated HOWTOs, FAQs and Guides

* David S. Lawyer cleaned up the Plug-and-Play HOWTO. v1.08 clarifies certain
explanations, corrects of obsolete statements and has an introduction on
hot pluggable devices and USB.

* v1.0.3 of the openMosix HOWTO by
Kris Buytaert has minor corrections.

* The folks from traduc.org finished translating
Hardware HOWTO
into French.

* The Introduction to Linux
Guide v1.14
, by Machtelt Garrels, has an extended chapter about I/O
redirection and more about Linux groups and related commands. Apart from
the new topics, it also contains minor corrections and an updated

* Miroslav "Misko" Skoric sent in his updates to the FBB Packet-radio BBS mini-HOWTO, the LILO mini-HOWTO and the Linux+WindowsNT mini-HOWTO.

2. News in The LDP world

* Getting ready for LSM

Jean-Philippe Guérard let us know that members of the
team will be attending the 5th Libre Software Meeting from 6 to 10
July. He also hopes that this will be an occasion to strengthen the
relationship with TLDP and to replace the dead
fr.tldp.org project
with Traduc, the currently active French translation

* New mirror sites

This is like the baby-boom, but with Linux now. The whole of Texas is
apparently running Linux now, and Canada is on their heels:

+ http://
set up by Eduardo Valdes in Toronto,

+ http://ldp.hughesjr.com/: Johnny Hughes is the maintainer for this mirror in Corpus Christi, Texas;

+ http://ldp.edgescape.com/: also in Texas, in Dallas, by Timothy Folks.

3. HOWTO contribute to The LDP

The Linux Documentation Project (TLDP) is working on developing free, high
quality documentation for the GNU/Linux operating system. If you want to help
TLDP, consider joining <discuss-subscribe@en.tldp.org>.

Help us create this newsletter. We need volunteers who follow the community
(mailing lists, newsgroups, web channels) and report events related to free
software documentation. Write to us at <feedback@en.tldp.org>.

The LDP Weekly News is compiled and edited by Machtelt Garrels and Y Giridhar
Appaji Nag with help from several other people.

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