July 1, 2004

The LDP Weekly News - June 30, 2004

Author: Machtelt Garrels and Y Giridhar Appaji Nag

The Linux Documentation Project Weekly News

Issue Number : 26
Publication Date : 2004-06-30

Table of Contents

1. Documents submitted for review
2. New document proposals
3. Updated HOWTOs, FAQs and Guides
4. News in The LDP world
5. HOWTO contribute to The LDP

1. Documents submitted for review

* Gareth Anderson submitted the GNU/Linux tools summary, which is an attempt at
listing common tools available on a GNU/Linux based system.

* Stein Gjoen believes his HOWTO generator is now ready for review. It
is meant as a tool for TLDP authors who do not want to learn the DocBook
markup but just want to submit content.

2. New document proposals

* Venkat Ramana Enaganti had a problem with automatic creation of
home-directories when creating LDAP accounts. He documents his solution
in this Autodir HOWTO and waits for your comments.

* Greg Porter inherited some old HP servers and wanted to run Linux on
them. The process of installing Linux, however, required a firmware
upgrade, which caused him some trouble. So he wrote a document discussing
the Hewlett Packard Unix
Server Firmware and the HP Boot Sequence
, which he thinks will make a
fine companion for the HP

* Ray Benjamin wrote a Getting Linux Help HOWTO and welcomes your comments.

* Tor Slettnes is documenting his setup for spam filtering on incoming mail
using a combination of Exim, Exiscan, Spamassassin and Greylistd, but

realized that theory can be split from practice
to make his document more
useful for general application and inclusion into TLDP.

3. Updated HOWTOs, FAQs and Guides

* Miroslav Skoric added info about a couple of his tutorials in the
FBB Packet-radio BBS mini-HOWTO, the LILO mini-HOWTO and the
Linux+WindowsNT mini-HOWTO.

4. News in The LDP world

* Outdated Cable modem HOWTO

Jess Portnoy has some additions and updates for the
Cable Modem HOWTO but can not contact the
author, Vladimir Vuksan. He agreed to take over the HOWTO if the original
author can not be contacted within a reasonable period of time, and if
the license allows for this. TLDP is currently checking things out.

* Bash guide available in print

Fultus books makes the Bash Guide for Beginners available in
print on demand, while
leaving Machtelt Garrels, the author, and TLDP the rights to publish it

* HOWTO: Presentations with linux

Emma Jane Hogbin recently talked about
HOWTO like Presentations. The purpose of
the talk was to help people with their own presentations. The slides of
the talk address both the preparation for and the presentation of the
topic. There are a few screen shots of some presentation software but no

* Parallel Processing HOWTO

Hank Dietz indicated that he would be updating the
Parallel Processing HOWTO and mutate it into a guide.

5. HOWTO contribute to The LDP

The Linux Documentation Project (TLDP) is working on developing free, high
quality documentation for the GNU/Linux operating system. If you want to help
TLDP, consider joining <discuss-subscribe@en.tldp.org>.

Help us create this newsletter. We need volunteers who follow the community
(mailing lists, newsgroups, web channels) and report events related to free
software documentation. Write to us at <feedback@en.tldp.org>.

The LDP Weekly News is compiled and edited by Machtelt Garrels and Y Giridhar
Appaji Nag with help from several other people.

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