March 3, 2003

Leadership Debate for Debian Project Leader Election

David B. Harris, coordinator for the Debian Project Leader election debate, writes:

"Hello everybody,

This Friday, at 22:00 UTC, the Debian Project Leader election debate
(real-time/IRC portion) will take place. The formal portion of the debate
is expected to last for an hour.

It will take place in two channels on the Freenode IRC network,
#debian-dpl-debate and #debian-dpl-discuss. The #debian-dpl-debate
channel will be moderated. Anybody may view the proceedings, but only
the candidates, the moderators, and and those participating in the
immediate discussion will be able to post messages. The
#debian-dpl-discuss channel will be unmoderated, and anybody may post
messages to it - the intention is for real-time, unmoderated discussion
of the candidates' responses to the debate questions.

To connect to the Freenode IRC network, and participate in the
discussion, start your favourite IRC client, and give the command
"/connect". Then give the commands "/join
#debian-dpl-debate" and "/join #debian-dpl-discuss". IRC clients vary
widely, so these instructions are only approximate.



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