November 28, 2006

Leading open source movie redesigns

Matt writes "We've launched a new site for the leading open source feature film project, A Swarm of Angels ( in the run up to completing the third phase where we start creating materials for the two scripts in development and close our development community round of 1000 subscribers (nearly 900 now).

"A Swarm of Angels is making a a £1 million film and giving it away to over 1 million people using the Internet and a global community of members. We're creating an entertainment community of 50,000 who each subscribe to the project for £25, and get to participate in the creation of the project.

A Swarm of Angels is not only about creating the first seven figure Creative Commons-licensed mediawork, but is a beta project to develop a 'people-powered' virtual film studio utilising p2p distribution and social networks.

Project creator Matt Hanson is a digital film pioneer who has created the world's largest digital film festival and tour, onedotzero, award-winning films, and a number of books on film futures including The End of Celluloid.""


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