April 6, 2004

Leading Universities Around the World Choose Red Hat Academic Solutions for Servers and Clients

Red Hat (RHAT), the world's leading provider of open source solutions to the enterprise, today announced that outstanding
universities and students worldwide have purchased more than 13,000 Red Hat Academic Solutions subscriptions and site licenses in order to cut costs
and increase performance in instructional and production environments.

In December 2003, Red Hat announced new Linux solutions for servers and clients in the education and academic community to help institutions and
students respond to rising educational costs while supporting the accelerating interest in learning and contributing to the development of open source

Imperial College London needed a cost-effective, scalable solution for infrastructure, research and teaching use. Imperial College purchased Red Hat
Enterprise Linux (RHEL) WS subscriptions for students and faculty members in addition to deploying multiple servers on Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS for
College administration and infrastructure.

Link: redhat.com

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