A Leap Forward in Efficiency with Real-Time PUE


Over at Datacenter Knowledge, Patrick Flynn from IOhttp://www.io.com/ writes one-time PUE measurements are not an effective measure of energy efficiency and that real-time PUE is the wave of the future.

With a data center industry mandate for greater energy efficiency, we need to evolve to newer, enhanced measurement models. Though a retroactive, building-averaged PUE may serve to confirm overall progress, it falls short of helping to pinpoint opportunities for improvement. Service providers must strive to provide customers information that allows them to improve performance and make better business decisions. This is why IO is increasing the usefulness of energy efficiency measurement through an evolved methodology called real-time PUE, as measured through the IO.OS operating system. Real-time PUE measures power efficiency instantaneously and provides a level of granularity down to the individual server. This level of specificity is made possible by our software defined data centers, which are able to capture live data from across the infrastructure, enabling monitoring, measurement, benchmarking and continuous improvement.

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