October 26, 2005

Leaping Lizards, It's SUSE Linux

SUSE Linux 10.0 is the latest edition of a venerable Linux distribution that Novell took under its wing nearly two years ago. SUSE has always been known for including everything but the kitchen sink--like previous versions, SUSE 10.0 comes on five CDs, compared to Ubuntu Linux's one--and for its extremely comprehensive YAST setup and configuration tool set. (YAST stands for "Yet Another Setup Tool," because geeks just can't get enough silly acronyms.) In SUSE 10.0, not only has Novell included all the latest Free Software goodies, but it's changed its release strategy: SUSE Installation CDs are available as a free download for the first time. The news is good all around.

Link: pcworld.com


  • Linux
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