November 29, 2007

Learn to Create Accessible Websites with Joomla

Author: JT Smith

Joomla! Accessibility is a new book from Packt that helps readers create accessible websites with Joomla! Written by Joshue O Connor, Senior Accessibility Consultant with
CFIT, this book is designed to help readers gain a deeper understanding of Joomla! and accessibility. Understanding how to create accessible websites is an essential skill these days. Website developers may even be obliged by law to create sites that are usable by the widest audience, including people with a range of disabilities. It is very difficult to successfully design interfaces that cover the needs of people with disabilities. This book will show users how to understand some of the various needs of people with disabilities and the technology they use to interact with computers and the Web.

This book looks at what accessibility is and the various reasons, such as legislative or legal, as to why developers really need to understand accessibility and then create websites that can be used by everyone. This book therefore examines the diverse range of user requirements that need to be considered for humans to successfully use web technologies.

This is a practical book that contains many step-by-step examples for readers to get their teeth into. Primarily, the book is designed to help the reader gain a deeper understanding of Joomla! and accessibility, but it can also be read as an introduction to assistive technology, disability, and the diversity of user requirements. The book also attempts to de-mystify accessibility and take it off the theoretical platform and firmly root it in the real world with tangible benefits for users of Joomla!

This book is a guide to any Joomla! User who wants to make their sites more accessible and the author does assume that readers have a basic working knowledge of Joomla! Readers donââ¬â¢t need to know anything about accessibility. While some design skills and technical knowledge of HTML, CSS and PHP will be very useful, readers will still benefit from reading this book if they wish to understand more about assistive technology and the needs of people with disabilities.

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