September 27, 2007

Least unpopular Linux games of 2007

This Web site lists the Top 21 Linux games of 2007. My first reaction was, they make games for Linux? My second was, no seriously, how can anyone make a buck making games for Linux? Then, after I pulled myself together, the list started to make more sense. Freebie download Tux Racer is definitely made for a Linux sensibility. It features everyone's favourite penguin slaloming down a ski hill on his tummy (presumably avoiding snipers in the employ of Bill Gates). It's not particularly inventive (or new for that matter ââ¬â it was last updated in 2001), but there's something slightly poetic about Linux barrelling down a hill towards its destiny, whether that's to come in first or cross the line in a bloody crumpled heap.



  • Linux
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