August 1, 2001

Leave the front door unlocked, too

Author: JT Smith

Dennis E. Powell talks about DSL in his latest column at LinuxPlanet. Not Digital Subscriber Line, the broadband technology that's taking a few places in the world by storm, but the Design Science License -- or as Powell calls it, the David Stutz License, in reference to its creator. This DSL is a plan for something best described as "progressive redistribution of talent." Powell: "Let us say that you are a writer, a real idiot savant, capable of writing a book and getting it
published but so dimwitted as to be talked into the DSL. Your book can be changed entirely as to meaning, updated, altered
in any way imaginable, so long as it's retitled sufficiently to distinguish it from the original, and you have nothing to say about
it, nor if money is made from it are you entitled to any."
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