August 28, 2001

Leave Linux to the geeks

Author: JT Smith

From a missive on TechTV: "I don't run Linux. Why? Because I'm a lazy sucker with limited computer skills and low geek self-esteem.
I'm the worst kind of Windows user. I'm the guy who's read all the bad press on Microsoft, felt firsthand
the bug-ridden frustration of Windows 98, and witnessed Steve Ballmer beating a competing software
developer about the face and neck with a 3.5-inch floppy (OK, not the last one). Yet I continue to
patronize Windows for the same reason that Sir Edmund Hillary climbed that big hill: "Because it's there."

Basically, I don't feel I deserve Linux. I see open source as a club. Not necessarily an exclusive club, but one that expects a certain level of
passion and expertise from its members. Web developers, systems administrators, programmers, engineers, chat room moderators --
these people are members of the Linux club."

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