October 25, 2001

Leaving SourceForge - duplicate item

Author: JT Smith

From advogato: "The financial situation for VA Linux looks bleak. Those of us who depend on SourceForge for development are, or
should be, getting worried. Already, one of the core services provided by SourceForge has fallen into "no longer
being maintained". It seems prudent to develop back-up plans.

Of course, it's possible that SourceForge will continue to function smoothly. It wouldn't be at all unexpected for a
company with a large stake in open source to take it over. However, many of the dot-com closings have been
abrupt, taking even employees by surprise. Ghostscript, for example, simply cannot afford this disruption." Check the discussion for SourceForge manager Patrick McGovern's response, and remember, VA Linux owns OSDN, the parent company of NewsForge.

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