March 30, 2004

Legal matters as part of the business

Anonymous Reader writes "There is an interview with SOT´s CEO Santeri Kannisto in Terminaali. They are releasing a new Linux distribution on 16th April.

But what really should be thought more in open source companies is the way they look at GNU/Linux related legal matters.

"TE: The SCO-case has "dominated" the Linux news front for about a year now. How closely has SOT been watching the SCO-case?

SK: We stopped following the case when it became clear that the case is not based on reality.

TE: Have the court cases created any concern or nervousness in your current or potential customers?

SK: To us, the legal side of GNU/Linux is part of the business. To our clients its a necessary expense when making business with GNU/Linux. We employ a lawyer specializing in open source and we provide his services to our clients as a part of our solution plan.""



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