July 19, 2007

Legal summit will convene top FOSS attorneys, educate the public

Author: Shirl Kennedy

The Software Freedom Law Center's first Annual Legal Summit for Software Freedom October 12 includes a closed private meeting in the morning for key open source attorneys and a series of educational lectures in the afternoon that will be open to other interested lawyers as well as the general public.

"By hosting the Legal Summit, we intend to bring together leading attorneys in the Software Freedom community to discuss matters of mutual interest and concern," said Eben Moglen, SFLC director, in the conference announcement. "We also intend to welcome other lawyers and interested members of the public to the Summit by giving a series of presentations on the most important FOSS-related legal topics."

The summit will be held at Columbia University Law School in New York City, where Moglen is a professor. The event is free, but pre-registration is required.

The public session, which begins at 2 p.m., includes presentations by Moglen as well as Dan Ravicher, Richard Fontana, James Vasile, Karen Sandler, and Matt Norwood, who are all attorneys at SFLC. Attendees will learn about free and open source software concerns such as licensing, copyright, patents and trademarks, and related corporate issues. SFLC is pursuing Continuing Legal Education credit for the State of New York.

The SFLC, which provides pro-bono legal services to the free and open source software community, is interested in expanding the pool of FOSS-knowledgeable attorneys. The organization announced last month that it was starting a resident Open Source Law Immersion Program, designed for practicing attorneys familiar with open source software and interested in learning more about the relevant legal issues.


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