May 30, 2006

Lexicon Enterprise Inc. announces a new release

Tom Debevoise writes "(Arlington, Virginia), Lexicon Enterprise Inc., announces a significant new release of its open source business rules management system (BRMS): OpenLexicon.
OpenLexicon version 1.03 features and highlights:

• Extended support for database stored procedures for direct implementation within business rules. This included Full In, Out, and In/Out support added for Assign PL/SQL Expression rules. The OpenLexicon wizard supports functions and procedures in assign expression rules.

• Simplification of business rules expressions with added ISTRUE predicate function that complements the current ISNULL predicate function

• The OpenLexicon Wizard now flags problematic rules containing invalid parameter references in Predicate strings, Lexicon Relations, and Lexicon Expressions, thus greatly simplifying rules authoring.

• Many UI improvements in the parameter screen: parameter range operators are restricted, and data type selections are trimmed.

• Lexicon Wizard performs basic Predicate String validation prior to saving the predicate; this helps ensure that only structurally correct predicate strings are saved.

About OpenLexicon

OpenLexicon is an open-source business rules and business process management tool released under the Apache Software License. It rapidly develops applications for transaction and process-based applications. You can use these products separately or in concert. There are two main components of OpenLexicon: the metadata repository and the business rules engine.
OpenLexicon has a Wizard that is a web-form based collaborative tool for building business rules and business use cases. We have designed the Wizard for non-developers and analysts with light technical skills. The collaboration team assembles groups of business rules into a business use case for publication in a metadata file or the database.

OpenLexicon is not a code-generator system, instead the business rules are placed in memory and each business rule is applied to input data. Because there are no compilation steps the architecture is agile.

Organizations create complex application behavior with OpenLexicon’s process management. For example: OpenLexicon can build an application reads data from a file, performs reference data lookups, validates the entire object, and then stores it in a database table. Plus, you can build in the wizard while writing no code! It is possible to link to your own java or PL/SQL business rules from Lexicon. Lexicon also supports web services. See

About Lexicon Enterprise, Inc.

Lexicon Enterprise, A leading provider of open source business rules management and business process management software is headquartered in Alexandria Virginia. As the developer of OpenLexicon, Lexicon Enterprise provides enterprise-level service level support, training and customization. See"

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