LF Networking Moving Forward to Consolidate Open Source Networking Efforts


In January 2018, the Linux Foundation announced a major reorganization of its networking efforts under the umbrella organization known as LF Networking. A year later, it’s an effort that continues to advance.

In a video interview, Arpit Joshipura, General Manager for Networking at the Linux Foundation, said there has been positive momentum in the LF Networking effort. 

“Members do appreciate the concept, not just of collaborating across projects, but also the cost savings they get for not paying into individual projects,” Joshipura said.

The initial six projects that joined LF Networking are OpenDaylight, ONAP, OPNFV, FD.IO, pnda and SNAS.io. Other projects that have since joined LF Networking include Tungsten Fabric, which was originally known as Open Contrail. The umbrella effort also benefits from improved testing, certification and infrastructure components that help all of the participating projects. While LF Networking has a broad mandate, it also actively partnering with other industry associations, including the Open Compute Project (OCP), in support of the hardware layer for networking.

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