April 19, 2003

LFY visits the office

Clinton Goveas writes: Linux For You, India's first, and currently the only, magazine devoted to GNU/Linux and open source has just announced the contents planned for their May 2003 issue. Indian businesses may have never had something this good!

This issue will, according to a letter from the publisher, attempt to aid the deployment of Linux across SMBs and large enterprises across India. Some features of the May 2003 LFY issue would be:

Master Your Proxy Server
Should the government think Linux?
Review - Red Hat 9

In keeping with the theme of the May 2003 issue, the accompanying CD will also carry a lesser known, but useful, Linux distribution called the ELX BizDesktop. This will be in addition to the other goodies for the GNU/Linux operating system.

The upcoming issue promises to be very useful for Indian organisations looking to migrate to a Linux-based operating system. With companies in India that fall in the SMB bracket, numbering in the millions, and having a strong technical labour force, LFY could potentially have a disruptive effect effect on the country's commercial software scene. We have to watch and see what happens next.


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