January 3, 2002

LGP announces second title: Majesty confirmed for the Linux Platform

Author: JT Smith

From Linux Game Publishing: Cyberlore Studios Inc and Linux Game Publishing Ltd
announce that Majesty is confirmed for release for the Linux platform.
Majesty and its mission pack "The Northern Expansion" will be ported to
Linux and made available through the Linux Game Publishing retail

Majesty is a groundbreaking 'Fantasy Kingdom Simulation' released for
Windows in 2000 to great acclaim. It was nominated for numerous
prestigious awards, winning several, including one from Computer Gaming
World. Majesty provides a fresh look at the way computer games are
played. Tom Chick, writing for CNet, wrote: "...Majesty is one of the
most important new RTS games in a long time. Cyberlore has keenly
demonstrated that you can march to the beat of a different drummer and
still give one hell of a parade."

As the leader of a medieval kingdom, you need to defend it from
rampaging magical creatures, and entice heroes to join your cause. But
unlike other games where you simply control what happens, in Majesty you
have to make your minions WANT to do what you ask!

About Cyberlore Studios Inc.
Located in Northampton, Massachusetts, Cyberlore has earned critical
acclaim and commercial success over the past nine years for creating
original titles, expansion sets, and sequels to computer games. The
Majesty franchise has achieved sales of over 300,000 units and garnered
a loyal fan base. Cyberlore's other titles include MechWarrior 4: Black
Knight, Heroes of Might and Magic II: The Price of Loyalty, and WarCraft
II: Beyond the Dark Portal.

More information about Cyberlore can be found at
The official Majesty website is located at

About Linux Game Publishing LTD.
Founded in 2001, Linux Game Publishing was formed to help companies
bring their games to market. Combining extensive Linux knowledge with
a solid business foundation, Linux Game Publishing is partnering with
a number of other companies to bring to Linux both ports of games from
other platforms and original titles.

For more information please contact Linux Game Publishing Press
The Linux Game Publishing website is located at

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