May 6, 2003

Libranet 2.8 - Debian That Just Works

ladislav writes "Canada's leading distro, Libranet is not yet one of the "big guns" in the Linux world, but it has all the potential to compete with the best. A commercial distribution based on Debian, Libranet attempts to improve on Debian's fine features by adding excellent hardware detection, easy system administration, and an up-to-date default configuration of software packages. Unlike two other commercial Debian distros, Lindows and Xandros, Libranet goes light on graphics - it is built for speed. Furthermore, it offers a great deal of installation and configuration options, and a generous supply of included apps. Those who want to take Libranet further can use Debian's much-praised apt-get system of package management to produce a bleeding edge system. Those who like Debian should love Libranet, the only "gotcha" being that Libranet isn't free (as Debian is). Nevertheless, Libranet is considered good value by its growing fan club, so let us take a look and see
just what this increasingly popular distro has to offer."



  • Linux
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