February 11, 2002

Libranet releases Version 2.0

Author: JT Smith

Jon Danzig writes: "This new Libranet comes with a new installer, very up to date software and the openness that GNU/Linux users wish for in their systems. It is intended for a range of users, from home desktop computing to corporate workstations, file servers and development platforms. Those new to GNU/Linux will find a dazzling array of applications and sophisticated users will find the tools to build on without being hampered by a single corporate vision."

Since beginning production of Libranet in 1999, the Libranet system, based on Debian, has slowly been inching upward in market share. This new release aspires to establish Libranet as one of the bigger players.

Libranet 2.0 has been built from scratch, including a brand new installer. While retaining the craftsmanship of its previous versions, this version builds on experience gained. This release includes very current software and the new installer carefully guides the user through the install while allowing a variety of optional choices to be made.

Jon Danzig, Libranet team member, says "Libranet wants to be more things to more people - a desktop packed with graphical applications and a selection of software to get developers and system administrators up and running fast. The new installer is a dream. If you know what a partition is, the rest is magic."

The 2 CD set includes stalwarts such as Netscape and more recent additions such as Galeon. Libranet's Adminmenu helps users perform system tasks easily. Sun Microsystems' StarOffice office suite is included. Under the hood is the 2.4.16 Linux Kernel. KDE 2.2, GNOME 1.4 are in place and XFree86 4.1 drives the video. Users will find excellent and up to date software and window managers installed automatically on their desktop.

Libranet 2.0 can be purchased as a 2 CD set at Libranet's web site.

Libra Computer Systems Ltd. is the producer of Libranet and is a privately held company based in North Vancouver, BC, Canada.

For further information, visit www.libranet.com


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