January 11, 2003

Libranet was my key to Debian

- By A J Ivanciw -

I had given up on Debian a while back, but for all those out there like me (non
geek and using Linux and don't really care to learn command line etc.) I have
found a really easy and good distro - Libranet.

I downloaded 2.0 and installed it no sweat, actually easier than Storm (remember that?) Anyway, 2.0 is the older version. Current is 2.7 and 2.8 is
due out in a few weeks. I mention that because only the older version is free
for download.

One CD is the whole thing.

I couldn't use apt-get properly, and a few other apps caused me to give up on Debian. With Libranet all this is easy, so easy that I have managed to get the installed 2.0 upgraded to kde 3.0.5 and the system updated to the Debian sid (sid is the newest non
released version-- still in testing), and it wasn't hard at all, not if I did

The Libranet Web page has a forums page and the registration for forums is free
but not necessary. With the help of the forums I was able to follow the easy
directions and accomplish the upgrades. All the information was provided in
simple everyday English -- not geektalk -- and there was no "rtfm."

There was a ton of help available, for free, and with that I accomplished a good install and easy update.

If there is anyone that wants to try Debian, I think this is the way to go,
because if I can do it -- it must be easy. To top it off, I am learning Debian now and even using the c-line and don't even mind.

I am even having fun. When
was the last time you heard that about Debian?

In case anyone wants to try the info is here:

SuSE is now just sitting there because I am using Libranet, and it looks like I may just become a Debian user.


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