Author: Benjamin D. Thomas

This top-notch distribution features a rich desktop
environment complete with popular applications. Designed for experienced and new users alike, Libranet delivers the promise of a GNU/Linux desktop
This distribution will bring the best of GNU/Linux to your computer. Order or DOWNLOAD it now!

The Desktop

The focus of this distribution is ‘Linux on
the Desktop’. This excellent distribution, based on Debian, gives users a fully configured desktop complete with the best and most commonly used
applications and window managers. Linux by Libranet is the the most comprehensive desktop available.


Libranet is user friendly for new users and a quick track to an accomplished desktop for experienced users. The simple install
together with automatic configuration and selection of software packages, make the system easy to get up and running.

The Latest and Greatest

The best and
latest packages are included. Like IceWM window manager, the latest stable kernel and the KDE, Gnome and Enlightenment desktop environments.

  • Kernel 2.4.2
  • XFree86 4.0.1
  • KDE 2.1
  • ReiserFS
  • Libranet Adminmenu

Linux is Fun

We think that using a computer should be a fun filled and rewarding experience. We are thrilled with our desktop and
it’s gaining popularity and invite you to join us.

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