January 14, 2001

Libre Software Meeting is July 4 to 9 in France

Author: JT Smith

Reader Emmanuel Gaillard lets us know about this: "The 2001 LSM Web site is now on-line. Here you could have a look at the dates (July 4 to 9) of the Libre Software Meeting, current topics, as well as the
days' schedule, ... and you can suscribe too (it is even required, since we
need to know the number of those present, either developper or spectator).
To remind you, the LSM is a chance for the developers and contributers
to meet once a year and during several days, in order to draw up a balance
sheet, to plan the future, to discover and even to have good time (Bordeaux
= wine).

This will happen in the ENSEIRB's rooms, in Talence (near Bordeaux).

This event is open to the public with public sessions, happening in the
campus of Bordeaux I.
P.S The Web site is not finished yet, the essential of the themes are
missing (they will be gradually published)."
The university of Bordeaux I.

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