LibreS3 Open Source Amazon S3 Implementation Released



Skylable has released LibreS3, an open source implementation of the Amazon S3 service, suitable for installing on private servers in a datacenter. LibreS3 uses Skylable SX, a “reliable, fully distributed cluster solution”, on the back end for deduplication and replication. LibreS3 joins a growing list of alternative, open source storage solutions available to the enterprise today.

At first pass, Skylable may seem like another flash in the pan, but the team behind LibreS3 and Skylable SX are open source veterans. The team was the original developers behind ClamAV, one of the most popular anti-virus solutions in the world. The open source pedigree of the Skylable team grants confidence that the team will continue to deliver on a complex and challenging project. Recreating the Amazon S3 service, with most of the API available to third-party tools is no small task, but it is something that the modern datacenter desperately needs.


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