December 3, 2003

License required for software writers

Fonze writes "Did you get that license before writing that code? It looks like the Microsoft front organizations are pushing licensing for software writers. Of course, the usual suspects, the BSA and ITAA are involved in writing the laws.

With Microsoft still not understanding Free and Open Source Software, they must be thinking that a loose band of hackers won't bother getting licensed, and they'll be able to slow the juggernaut using this, among many other tactics. Maybe they're hoping no one will see this.

What say you? Are you going to pony up the annual fees, fingerprints, and mugshots for your little software project? Did you write that code while your license was expired?

Will this even be possible? Or is Microsoft trying to drive a stake through the heart of the Free and Open Source development models by rewriting an unrelated security rule?"


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