September 16, 2002

Lindows and Earthlink in deal to provide dialup

"Lindows announced today that they and Earthlink (Nasdaq:ELNK)have come together to ensure an easy, dial-up Internet experience for Linux. Turn-key, dial-up Internet access has long been common amenity on Microsoft Windows computers, but has been a missing convenience for Linux."

The Earthlink icon now appears on all LindowsOS installations by default. Users simply click on the Earthlink icon and within minutes they can be connected to the Internet. made this move with Earthlink to further their goal of making an easy-to-use desktop operating system by replacing the cryptic and complex, dial-up instructions required by traditional Linux-based systems.

"Our partnership with Earthlink makes LindowsOS the first Linux-based operating system with 'net access on the desktop," said Michael Robertson, chief executive officer of, Inc. "Whether it is a $199 computer purchased from or from our network of builders, an Earthlink icon will connect users to a nationwide network of thousands of local calling numbers. In a largely stagnant computing environment, Linux is experiencing rapid growth on the desktop and those new users now have easy access to quality Internet service."

LindowsOS has always come with built-in plug-and-play connectivity for broadband Internet users, but connecting to the Internet with a dial-up modem has not been as easy until this pairing of LindowsOS with Earthlink's vast network.

Computers purchased with LindowsOS pre-installed, such as those offered by Wal-Mart (NYST:WMT) ranging from $199 to $599, are equipped and ready to run with Earthlink's service after a quick set-up.

LindowsOS, with its unique Click-N-Run ( capabilities, a service that allows users to customize their system with hundreds of products for one low fee, makes the most of Internet connectivity. With more than 7,500 dial-up numbers in the United States, Earthlink can provide service to more locations than any other Internet Service Provider. With LindowsOS easy Earthlink set-up instructions, customers can download any of the hundreds of products from the Click-N-Run Warehouse with ease. also announced that all computer builders which have signed up to distribute LindowsOS computers will immediately be able to leverage this Earthlink partnership and offer an integrated dialup service, right out of the box. New software is available for download by logging into their builder account. OEMs interested in distributing LindowsOS through our low-cost $500/month licensing program should visit, working alongside other computer industry leaders such as Earthlink, is steadfastly making LindowsOS the alternate choice for any desktop. To stay apprised of all of activities visit

The general release of LindowsOS is expected later this year. The general release will be available via download and will run seamlessly on most computer systems. Eager computer users interested in ordering a CD or downloading LindowsOS immediately can sign up for the Insiders program at In addition to being the first to upgrade to the general release when it's available, Insider's also receive access to Click-N-Run Warehouse, a software hub filled with great applications such as Sun's (Nasdaq:SUNW) StarOffice. See the many ways that LindowsOS is being utilized at work and at home, visit

Computer builders interested in LindowsOS can visit

About, Inc. is a consumer company that brings choice to computer users., Inc. was started by Michael Robertson, founder and former CEO of LindowsOS is a modern, affordable, easy-to-use operating system that allows users access to hundreds of applications via the Click-N-Run(tm) Warehouse. All applications in the Click-N-Run Warehouse ( are licensed on a per-person or family basis and can be downloaded, installed and run with just one-mouse click. LindowsOS is presently available on LindowsOS Certified Computers ( being offered from Builder partners ( The General Release of LindowsOS, available presently for download and preview to Insiders (, will be made available later this year for those wishing to install and run LindowsOS on their existing computer hardware. The General Release version will support a wider range of computer hardware and includes unique features such as a "Friendly-Install" alongside an existing Microsoft(r) Windows operating system, a streamlined installation process which requires no computer knowledge, and the ability to run a select set of "bridge" Windows-compatible programs. For more information see

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