July 7, 2003

Lindows and NeTraverse Announce Partnership

NeTraverse writes "NeTraverse partnership with Lindows.com offers wider application support and eases customer transition to leading consumer desktop Linux OS.

Austin, Texas, July 7, 2003 -- Lindows.com, the leader in consumer desktop Linux operating systems (www.lindows.com), and NeTraverse, the leading maker of Windows-to-Linux bridging software (www.netraverse.com), today announced that LindowsOS 4.0 will support the Win4Lin 5.0 product by including native kernel support and offering it in their Click-N-Run Warehouse (www.lindows.com/win4lin).

Win4Lin is the award-winning commercial Linux product that allows users to run a copy of Microsoft Windows in a Linux process. This integrated approach provides the best combinations of performance, resource-efficiency and number of applications supported. Users can run not only the popular Office suite, browser and email packages they are used to in Microsoft Windows, but also, more importantly, users can use the massive amount of third-party and custom applications that have been written over the last ten years for the Microsoft Windows platform.

NeTraverse is committed to changing the status quo in the desktop market, much like Lindows.com, Inc.. This announcement signals a joining of forces to further open up options for users looking for compelling alternatives to legacy desktop systems, said Michael Robertson, CEO of Lindows.com.
We're glad to have NeTraverse add their Win4Lin product to the convenient Click-N-Run Warehouse in LindowsOS 4.0. We think this will benefit consumers and businesses alike.

We are excited about this announcement, as Lindows.com's powerful software distribution engine 'Click-N-Buy' makes it extremely easy for users to purchase and install Win4Lin. Our ability to help bridge users from their current proprietary systems to more powerful and flexible open systems will be dramatically strengthened by this relationship,
said Jim Curtin, President and CEO of NeTraverse, Inc.

Native support in LindowsOS 4.0 involved collaboration between the two companies to engineer specific support for the Win4Lin application under LindowsOS. This enables distribution through the Lindows.com Click-N-Run Warehouse, markedly improves the overall installation process, and provides for seamless operation of the product. 

Win4Lin is featured in Lindows.com's new Click-N-Buy program, which allows for any registered LindowsOS customer regardless of membership status to digitally purchase and install applications using Click-N-Run technology. Pricing as been set at $69.99 for members of the Warehouse, and $89.99 for non-members.

About NeTraverse

NeTraverse Inc., is the market leader in bridging Windows® to Linux® with over 800,000 users worldwide. Providing thin-client software solutions on the Linux and UNIX platform, NeTraverse offers innovative products and services to facilitate the seamless migration from Windows to Linux and lower the cost of enterprise IT infrastructure. NeTraverse products include Win4Lin Workstation, Win4Lin Terminal Server and Merge. Headquartered in Austin, Texas. For more information, please visit

About Lindows.com

Lindows.com is a consumer company that brings affordable software to computer users. Lindows.com, Inc. was started by Michael Robertson, founder and former CEO of MP3.com. LindowsOS is a modern, affordable and easy-to-use operating system that allows users access to hundreds of applications via the Click-N-Run Warehouse. All applications in the Click-N-Run Warehouse (www.lindows.com/warehouse) are licensed on a lifetime, per-person or family basis and can be downloaded, installed and run with just one-mouse click. LindowsOS is available on LindowsOS Certified Computers (www.lindows.com/pc) from Lindows.com Builder partners see
www.lindows.com/builder. LindowsOS can be ordered on CD and/or downloaded at
www.lindows.com/order. Lindows.com also offers a safe computing environment for families and businesses, learn more by visiting

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